Welcome to the SureFit Rating System

Customized for the real estate professional

The SureFit Rating System was developed for real estate professionals to have a trusted source for accurate insurance costs based on Low Cost to Best Coverage strategies, available in the market place. Based on our simple assessment process, you will receive an on-the-spot Indication of Insurance for you to use in your marketing & underwriting efforts.

  • Do you think the actual insurance costs are too high,
        check it with the Surefit Rating System.
  • Your pro-forma is not in line to fund the loan,
        check it with the SureFit Rating System.
  • Your property owner needs an alternate offer for insurance,
        check it with the SureFit Rating System.

When it comes to your real estate, the most important factor is LOCATION.  When it comes to your Insurance the most important factor is PEACE OF MIND. The problem is the way you find peace of mind is frustrating and time consuming. The SureFit Rating System is a completely new approach to finding Low Cost to Best Coverage options that best suits your needs. The SureFit Rating System uses our assessment process and your personal goals to "sift" through the insurance marketplace to find the carrier and program that's a SureFit in a matter of minutes. 

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